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Winch Up Corn Feeder
Winch Up Corn Feeder

Winch Up Corn Feeder

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Keep your deer fed while still having the greatest visibility with our  Winch-Up Feeder. Its double pulley system is easy to crank and allows for easy lifting. This corn feeder even features a brake winch to hold the feeder in the position you want automatically.

The Winch-Up Corn Feeder features a galvanized hopper and lockable 12 volt feeder control unit including the timer, rechargeable battery and 12 volt solar panel. To keep your deer feeder safe from varmints, purchase our optional varmint cage. The cage will prevent the varmints from eating your wildlife’s corn.


  • Galvanized Hopper
  • Double Pulley System for easy cranking
  • Brake Winch - holds feeder in position automatically
  • Lockable 12 volt feeder control unit (includes "The Timer", rechargeable battery, and a 12 volt solar panel)
  • 5 Year Warranty (excludes battery)


Feeder Capacity - 350 lb.

Feeder Height - 145"

Spinner Height - 92"

Feeder Footprint - 112"


Wireless Remote

Varmint Cage


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