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Timed Trough Protein Feeder 300 LB Capacity
Timed Trough Protein Feeder 300 LB Capacity

Timed Trough Protein Feeder 300 LB Capacity

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The Lamco Timed Trough Feeder is the “original” trough protein feeder designed to effectively feed deer in a manner that saves feed and maintains a healthy, clean feeding station. With 16 feet of trough space, there is plenty of room for multiple animals.

The protein feeder features a totally enclosed motor unit in order to keep moisture away from the deer feed, enabling the feed to flow easily and not clog the opening or spinner plate. You preset the time and amount to feed with little to no feed wasted. Feed anywhere from 1 to 150 pounds of feed per day with 6 optional feed times to encourage daytime feeding. You can go from essentially free choice feeding, which is critical during the antler growing period, to delivering a very small amount of feed just to keep wildlife coming to the area.

The Lamco Timed Trough Feeder is an all galvanized structure and is easy to fill and easy to move.


  • Feeds from 1 pound to 150 pounds of feed per day with 6 optinal feed times
  • 16 ' Trough area - feeds multiple animals at one time.  Its 14" height allows fawns to feed easily
  • The trough maintains the cleanest feeding station possible resulting in fewer parasites and less wasted feed
  • Timed unit encourages daytime feeding so you can enjoy viewing your animals
  • Easy to fill and move
  • All galvanized structure includes: The Timer, 12 volt rechargeable battery, 12 volt motor setup, and 12 volt solar panel with bracket
  • Timer and battery are enclosed in a convenietly mounted lockable steel box outside the feeder.  The 12 volt motor setup is mounted inside the feeder to keep it away from varmints and moisture
  • All wires  are enclosed in  ridged conduit for protection
  • 5 Year Warranty (excludes the battery)


Feeder Capacity --300 Lbs.

Feeder Height --  60"

Trough Height -- 14"

Trough Length --49"

Feeder Footprint -- 66"


Rain Sensor

Goat Guards

Leg Extensions  ( 24" and 32")


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