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Small Floating Fish Feeder
Small Floating Fish Feeder

Small Floating Fish Feeder

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The Lamco Floating Fish Feeder is designed to reliably deliver fish feed away from your lake bank. The feeder can either be anchored in the lake and filled by boat or set up on a retrieval system to pull it to the lake bank to fill and back out to the desired feeding location. The feeder has no two stage timers or motors to malfunction and no sliding gate to get stuck. The feeder broadcast feed in a 360 degree radius and throws the feed about 30 feet from the feeder. 


Feeder capacity - 125 lb.

Feeder height - 42"

Feeder width - 48"

Feeder length - 48"


  • Heavy Gauge Galvanized Material
  • Mounting Bracket
  • 12 volt solar panel
  • Perforce Timer