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Gravity Protein Feeder 700 LB Capacity
Gravity Protein Feeder 700 LB Capacity
Gravity Protein Feeder 700 LB Capacity
Gravity Protein Feeder 700 LB Capacity

Gravity Protein Feeder 700 LB Capacity

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The Lamco Gravity Feeders are designed to provide years of hassle free feeding. With all welded, heavy gauge steel construction, you can be assured these feeders will withstand the elements and confidently deliver feed to your animals. The improved tube design cuts down on wasted feed, allows for all protein and small grains to be fed, increased clearance from feed port to feed bin and increased the size of the feed port. The feeder will empty out completely with the innovative feeding tube design.

The Lamco Gravity Feeders are designed to eliminate wasted feed to varmints and maintain a clean feeding station. This feeder provides your deer with access to feed whenever they want it and requires no batteries or motors. Our deer feeder is all welded with heavy gauge steel construction and provides a low profile design for easy filling. The protein feeder can easily be filed from ground level or from the back of your truck. All of our Lamco Gravity Feeders are on skids for easy relocation.

The Gravity Protein Feeder is perfect for your whitetail or wildlife operations. Add on our optional patented counter balance tray to ensure your deer feeder is safe from varmints. The tray drops away when varmint pressure is applied to keep them away from the feed ports. The tray also keeps feed off the ground reducing waste. The protein feeder will empty out completely with our innovative feeding tube design.

Looking for the perfect combination for your wildlife feeding program? Pair this Gravity Protein Feeder with one of our corn feeders. Choose from the Econo Corn Feeder, Low & Throw Corn Feeder or the Winch Up Corn Feeder.


  • Larger feed port
  • Bottom of tube is one piece and heavy gauge steel
  • Adjustable baffle that will allow all feeds to be fed as well as corn
  • Adjustable baffle can also close off feed
  • Easier to clean out
  • Tubes are extended away from feeder for more clearance
  • Top and sides of tube are rounded to help prevent rain from entering tube
  • 5-year warranty


Capacity - 700 lb.

Height - 72"

Width - 32"

Length - 49"

Tube Height - 34"


Feed Saver Tray


If ordering more than one of these feeders, please contact us at (800) 889-5671 to discuss potential savings on shipping.