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H2B Hay Feeder
H2B Hay Feeder

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H2B Hay Feeder

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The Lamco Hay Feeder is a great way to help supplement your whitetail deer or exotics. Allowing for easy access for multiple animals to feed at once, this hay feeder is designed to minimize hay loss and maximize hay availability.

The Lamco Hay Feeder holds 2 bales of hay and features a galvanized lid with two all-weather rubber latches.


  • 2 Bale Capacity
  • Galvanized tray minimizes waste and maintains a clean feeding station
  • Galvanized lid with two all-weather latches


Feeder Capacity - 2 Bales

Feeder Height - 55"

Feeder Width - 45"

Feeder Length - 75"

Tray Height - 32"


If ordering more than one of these feeders, please contact us at (800) 889-5671 to discuss potential savings on shipping.